Tuesday, June 14, 2011

making a decision and living with it

Do you find it hard to make the final decision sometimes? I sure do. Drives my big tall hubby crazy. I definitely like to try to weigh all the options and try to figure out the end result before it happens even though I know I can't predict the future (wouldn't that be terrific?). This is true for big decisions and small ones. I remember agonizing over the color of tile when we built our house(s) but now that I have that tile, I love it and don't have any plans to change it. Sometimes all this mental figuring is exhausting. I am trying harder to just make a decision and be ok with it whatever the outcome is. Having three (almost 4) kids and a big tall hubby and animals and a house to take care of doesn't give me a whole lot of time to make pros and cons lists, ya know?

With all that being said, I have decided to trash this dumb temporary closet and buy a stinkin' new one. There. I said it. You know I have had "fixing it" on my things to do list for a few weeks. I am not going to try to fix it, somehow a couple of the poles got broken (two wild boys perhaps?) and it would require a lot of effort to repair it, something I just don't have right now. So I am going to bite the bullet and get a new one. I'm glad I made this decision but it doesn't make me like spending more money on a new one. (Typically I'd fix this one but honestly, I just kind of surrender!)

Next, I think I am going to get this guy's hair cut. **sniff** It will be his first hair cut. Trauma for me. I hate thinking he is getting bigger. He is my baby and so freakin' cute with all the crazy curls and Gary Busey wiry hair but yesterday he got a giant lollipop stuck in his hair. It was literally hanging in his hair and it was he#@ getting it out (I was too panicked to take a picture, wish I had). Little boys always look so much bigger after a fresh cut, it just breaks my heart. **more sniffs** I know he will be just as cute and probably more comfortable but I hate it. That's my decision, just have to stick with it now. **sniff sniff**


Jen said...

Yes! Haircuts grow them up so fast! Cute!

Kerri said...

You should have a "kids before 1st haircuts linky party!" They do look so different afterwards...but at least we have the pictures. I have Brady's 1yr picture sitting out...I love his little flips of hair on the side. My husband wanted me to get his haircut beforhand...and I said NO WAY!

I struggle with decisions too...and over analyze everything...I drive myself crazy!