Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of 2nd Grade

Today is Zoe's last day of 2nd grade. When the heck did she get so big? Holy moly this year flew by. She is already telling me that she is "so mad" that school has to end. The girl is nuts about school. She has cried every last day of school since preschool. Jeez, I mean, am I that boring to be around all day?! Just kidding. I am so glad she loves school. Funny thing about today, she wore that exact same outfit on the last day of first grade, she showed me pictures this morning (minus the cast)! She thought that was so crazy. Her dance studio has changed names but she loves this shirt and wears it all the time.We have a very busy weekend coming up. She is going to try to dance in all three of her recitals this weekend. Poor thing, can't really do arm extensions with that big giant cast, but I give her credit for trying. Hopefully she will be ok.
For her teachers (and bus driver, nurse, and classroom aide) I put together these ice cream scoops with a $10 gift card for an ice cream parlor. I made the little tag gift card holders using mostly scrap paper and stamps. I of course, wanted them to be way fancier but it just didn't happen. For her classroom teacher, I put together a gift bag of office goodies like pens, post its, highlighters, etc. and added in an Outback Steakhouse gift card (he mentioned once to the kids that was his favorite). I forgot to take a picture, sorry, but I think it was a nice gift. It was probably better suited for the first day of school but again, my intentions were better than my actual efforts. Can I blame pregnancy on my inability to get it done? ;)


Kerri said...

Yay for the last day of school! We still have 7 to go! I can't believe you guys are done so had way more snow days than us!

Such a cute idea with the ice cream scoop and gift card- love it! And a gift card for the nurse- WHAT?! You are much too kind!

Beloved's Bride said...

A 3rd grader! Very Exciting! I adored 3rd grade. And, "yeah" for summer too. I am sure it will be a lovely one.

I like your gift card idea. Very sweet.

Becca said...

Love the ice cream scoop idea with the giftcard! Very cute...and boy are you nice to include the nurse and aides and bus driver!

Kristin said...

you did a great job Jenny! You are SO thoughtful. Funny, all the time Aiden spent with the nurse and I forgot to include her in his gift list...oops.