Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Monday to you

It's Monday and I am so crazed right now... we have about three days to get ready for our beach vacation. Yikes! I have about a million things to do and about an inch worth of energy to get it all done.

Anyway, we went to a wedding Friday afternoon for one of Paul's oldest friends. I tried like the dickens to get a pic of the bride and groom but they were always surrounded by a crowd and when I wasn't trying to take their picture I was chasing one of my kids. It was an outside wedding and my boys loved all the trees and rocks and other boy stuff (sticks, bugs, decorative water fountains, rock walls to climb on, you get the idea.) Trust me, the bride and groom and their children all looked lovely and the wedding was just simple and perfect. We are so happy for them and hope that they have a lifetime of happiness.
It was really humid, look at what the humidity does to Tanner's hair, just like mine! Eek! Poor guy, I really need to get his hair cut but I just love those curls. Why does Parker have to carry a critter or something everywhere we go? Grr!
Lots of poles and things to hang on...
How 2 year olds like to watch wedding ceremonies... under Big Tall Daddy's legs.
My cuties love 'em a bunch, you can see the onery-ness about to come out can't you?
Zoe looking so cute, she wants to be a flower girl so bad, if you need one, give me a call, she is dying to do the job!!!

My things to do this week:
  • pack and get ready for vacation
  • take animals to boarding places
  • clean house (yuck!)
  • laundry galore
  • go to the beach (yipee!)

my menus for this week: (easy stuff I can make fast and the kids will eat, no time for messing around this week!)
  • spaghetti and salads
  • homemade pizza
  • shredded BBQ pork sandwiches
  • tacos or burritos
  • fish sandwiches or chicken sandwiches

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Jill said...

Great pictures they look so sweet!!
Have fun at the ocean! we go in July! Can't wait!! Hope my basement is clean by then lol!