Tuesday, December 22, 2009

gift wrapping

The kids and I have been wrapping gifts for about an hour. You should see what a great job they are doing. Parker really likes tape so his gifts are almost all tape, no paper. My friends who know me and how, I like to do these kinds of things myself, know this is a real step out of the box for me! I am letting it go (it being - perfection) this time, because otherwise, things won't get done. How did I get so far behind?!

Just a little tip to share:
As you are wrapping your gifts, put them into categories so you can deliver them easier. I put my gifts for the kids and Paul (and anyone else joining us on Christmas morning) under the tree of course. Gifts for family in another area (usually large shopping bags for easy transport) and work and neighbor gifts together in their own space. For instance, we will be seeing my side of the family after Christmas day, having our celebration later, so I have all the gifts for them in one bag ready to go. I have other gifts for some other family friends we will see late on Christmas day in a big shopping bag in my bedroom so they won't get mixed in with the things from Santa. It saves me a lot of trouble on Christmas morning when the kids are digging in. Paul was really glad to have all his gifts in a big box to take to work, it fit in his trunk and made it much easier. Our neighbor gifts were baked goods that we delivered this morning so that was easy.

Again, if I don't blog for a bit...

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

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