Wednesday, December 16, 2009

watchin' my weight Wednesday

In the last six days we have been to three parties and eaten dinner out once. So, four out of six days was not "normal" for me. I am a creature of habit and routine, so these kinds of events really throw me off. "Counting" my food points is still a very important part of my Weight Watchers journey. I rely on knowing exactly how much food I can eat every day, it makes me feel in control and I don't get down on myself for indulging, as long as it fits in my plan. Finger foods, appetizers, cookies, and restaurant portions are big food stressors for me so the past few days I have had some anxiety. To compensate, I have been doing a little more running on my treadmill (instead of walking) and eating vegetarian lunches (salads, steamed or sauteed veggies) and avoiding sweets and snacks if at all possible. I am hoping to weigh in next week for the month of December. Whether I am up or down (or the same) will be interesting but I am not going to get myself all upset, they don't call it "Lifetime" member for nothing!

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