Monday, March 19, 2012


That's not my favorite radio station, that was Tanner's temperature Saturday night. Last post, I mentioned we were sick with stomach flu, again. According to our doctor, it was a different strand of the bug so it was possible to get it a week later for a second time.

THEN, two of my boys got some other crazy sickness, some kind of respiratory thing. The doctor didn't name it specifically but it was awful. I have never seen our thermometers go so high. I didn't think a human's temperature could be 105.7 and that person still be alive!!!!! Parker's registered a mere 105, nothing to turn your nose at of course.

It's been a long couple weeks (plus a few days). I now know the true meaning of "sleep deprivation" I am suspicious that NASA is secretly sending germs to us so they can really test the human body's tolerance to no sleep (my human body that is). The night of the highest fever ever at my house was the scariest, longest, most horrible night I can ever remember. I only left Tanner's bed to feed/take care of the baby. I just kept talking to him and praying he would be ok. I have a total new respect for nurses. I couldn't be a nurse, I am horrible. I just want people to be instantly well and not suffer. I also have a profound respect for families who have chronically sick members, I literally don't know how they cope and manage. It is truly a test of your spirit when someone you love is scary sick.
Anyway, we are all working towards getting better/well here. I am on high alert (could be the loss of sleep?) for anyone who is showing signs of the smallest illness. I don't think I can do any more at this point. I hope to catch up on all my housework and other errands. The only thing I have done is to go to the grocery (at 5 AM- had to go before Big Tall Hubby went to work, he also had a crazy couple weeks at work, long days and nights so I have been flying solo) and use three tubs of Lysol wipes on my house.

my things to do this week:
  • um, clean, laundry, just be normal
  • I also hope to get a few things done that have been lingering on my desk... a few random thank you notes, mail pictures of the kids, etc.
  • catch up on laundry, ugh, this is just a small sampling... (sorry bad pic taken at 2 AM one night when I just decided to stay up and sort laundry, lack of sleep makes you do insane things)
my menus for this week:
I'm sure my family will be glad to eat anything not on the BRAT diet. They are so sick of chicken noodle soup. I have nothing really "planned" but we'll make due, I am actually looking forward to grocery shopping for real food.

I am excited to read everyone else's blogs and catch up.

Have a great week.

A cute baby picture, just because I am sick of talking about being sick!


Jen said...

Oh no...scary 105. Hoping you are all better really soon. It's no fun to be sick...or to have sick kids that you can't make better right away!

Kerri said...

You poor mom! Saying a prayer for you guys...hopefully you are able to open those windows and get the germs out this week! I dated a deaf guy in high school who lost his hearing when he was 2 because of a 105 fever. Scary stuff. You take it easy this week...send hubby to the store or have him tackle some laundry. BTW, the last picture is adorable!

Becca said...

Oh Jenny....scary! I'm glad everyone is better at the moment and hope that it's over for good for a while! Been looking for your posts and missed them, and worried about you!

Bring Pretty Back said...

That IS scary! Oh m gosh!!! Take it easy so YOU don't get sick .
I hope you get some sleep too.
Sending you a big hug!
ANd yes - that baby picture is so cute!!!! He looks like a little man.
Have a pretty day!

Sarah said...

Oh, those high fevers get my worries in high alert. I have totally been bedside before wringing my hands and waiting for the sun to rise. Why are things always wore when it's dark outside.

I am hoping that everyone is 100% including YOU! hugs to a tired mommy who is hopefully feeling like a new woman this week :)