Friday, March 30, 2012

Thank goodness it is spring break starting today

I am hoping they clean our dang school and sanitize the stinky smelly bus while they're at it. I have a sick kid, again. I know, you are really going to start thinking I have that Munchkinhouseristic-whatever it's called syndrome, where you think your kids are sick all the time, I swear I don't. You think I want their annoying whiney selves here?! I'd much rather send them off to school I need a freakin' break! But alas, a fever and sick eyes won out. Zoe is home. AND Parker sprained his ankle yesterday playing outside. So all my cuties are home. Whiney, grumpy, tired, bored, and just plain on my nerves but that's ok. Because I finished this...

It took me two days to put it all away. I'm pretty sure I have six or so more baskets filled since I emptied these.

I haven't had a proper grocery trip in weeks. Thank goodness I was able to make some bread for us. I was not going to drag all my kids to the store just for that!
Don't you think homemade bread is so much better than the kind at the store anyway? I ate four pieces. With butter. Can you believe I just admitted that?! I'm weak I tell ya!
I just heard we are in for some severe weather tonight, I already told Big Tall Hubby I am going to the grocery come hell or high water when he gets home from work. I guess we'll see tonight.

Pullling out all the long forgot toys trying to keep little ones busy while they are sick or waiting for thier sick sibling to be better... Tanner tries out some old rubber stamps. A winner everytime.
And lastly, lookie at what I just got from an old friend! Isn't he so cute?! Uh huh, thank you, thank you very much. I love him a whole lot.
Have a great weekend. I hope I have no sickies on Monday!!!

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