Thursday, March 29, 2012

a little affirmation here

It seems like a lifetime ago that I made these leprechaun hat cookies. Hello March, nice to see you, buh bye. I feel like that is how my March has been. A sea of fevers, sick people, laundry, and drudgery. And the worst part, no one ate my cookies. Gasp! They were all too sick to eat them. I was sad. I worked really hard. I ended up taking them around to the neighbor kids, who told me they were "yummy and cute." Thanks. Sometimes that's all I want, a little affirmation.
I made this sign a couple months ago. I don't know if it is doing any good. I made it because I have to remind my daughter, Zoe, these things every day. Every. Day. Or else she just kind of wanders around in her jammies and kind of looks lost. I think someday she will embrace the likes of caffeine, I hope not, but I think she will. All those late night reading sessions make her groggy and foggy in the morning.

I was also hoping it would help Parker remember to pick up his dirty clothes (a pet peeve of mine) but I can pretty much guess that his socks, pants, and shirt from yesterday are in a pile right in front of his door. And his jammies from last night are in a pile next to his closet. So I guess my sign isn't working. Do you think it might be my lousy artwork?

It is tied to the gate at the top of our stairs. We have to have a gate to keep our dog from going upstairs and peeing everywhere. Isn't my life so interesting? This post is turning out so lame. I hope to be more inspiring tomorrow.


Beloved's Bride said...

We have a few slow risers here too! It throws off most of my morning and that is sad because I am a late riser too. Trying to get the morning list going is a chore in its self!

Kristin said...

I love your sign. And your cookies.

I wish I had a morning robot that would just follow the kids around saying all the things I have to say over and over and over and over......