Tuesday, March 6, 2012

boys aren't called "bouncing baby boys" for nothing

I'm here, reading everyone's stuff but not commenting much. Sorry. These boys are testing my patience to the limit. Both are recovering from flus and colds so maybe that's it? I am concentrating on keeping them in line and keeping my sanity (or not adding any more gray hairs to my head). Either way. I have been cooking and baking a lot to take my mind off their constant fighting, wrestling, screaming, and whining. Not sure what has gotten into me... winter blahs? I ran/emptied my dishwasher 4 times yesterday!!! So I hope to find some more blogging time here soon. In the meantime, I am going to go walk my dogs (that is code for- take my rowdy, crazy boys outside to burn off some energy!)


Jen said...

Bless you...sick kids and emptying the dishwasher that many times.
Yikes....but the baking part sounds great!

Kerri said...

Hope your boys are feeling better and today is a good day for you! Hope you enjoy a little sunshine today!

Karen said...

I'm right with you Jenny...on so many counts. I'm reading blogs but not commenting as much as I'd like. And, my boys are making me a little wacky with their constant fighting, wrestling, etc. etc.

And, I had to laugh about how you emptied your dishwasher 4 times. I can relate! I once told a friend of mine that I run my dishwasher AT LEAST twice a day on a regular basis & she was shocked. I'm glad I'm not alone.

I hope everyone is in tip top shape at your house soon! Come on Spring!

Beloved's Bride said...

Hope everyone is doing better!

Your picture of the football and trampalin reminds me of my mission to buy older boy toys for my boys! I need more boy toys, I think!