Thursday, March 1, 2012

sometimes you need a boost

Today I was feeling like I had it kind of together. The boys and I were playing, not too many meltdowns or fights (them, not me), laundry was in the machines getting clean, I had begun dinner prep, I was thinking about all I had to get ready for a busy weekend.

Then the phone rang. Caller ID showed a number I didn't recognize. I know what that means. A realtor. You'd think after three years of this nonsense, I'd be used to the calls. Almost always on the weekends (or close to it, like today), almost always when I have a gagillion other things to do (like funny, interesting blog posts, not whiny, complainy ones, coupons to cut, St. Patricks day decorations to get out), always bringing me right back to the ugly place. I hate it. So sick of it.

I gave up my idea of posting about my new coupon organization. I found a picture of something that makes me happy (Sanibel 2011) hoping it would make me feel better But I am still all grumpy and growly. Guess I'll go clean, again. **sigh** Are you so sick of me being a whinybutt about this house selling business? I am.

If I don't get to post tomorrow, have a super, wonderful, rainbow kind of weekend!

1 comment:

Kerri said...

So, when's the showing? I hope they at least gave you a couple of days before they come barging in!