Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Remember I told you we call Asher "Free-toe" (said like Frito)? Here is why.
I swear, he is Houdini. How in the heck does he do that? It is like that almost every morning. The snaps are still snapped on his jammies. Kids, they amaze me sometimes.
Yes, he is still sleeping in the pack in play in our room. I have not let him sleep in his crib yet. I know, it is time. I have been hesitant because Tanner is not going to sleep well and since they will be sharing a room, I think keeping Asher close to me is best for now. Plus, I just like to peek over and check on him anytime I want. He is also a total Linus, he does not stay covered up by a blanket, he just twists it around and snuggles with it as he sucks on his fingers. So cute.
We also call Max "frito lay." (Told you we like our "o's" foods!) Not because he has free toes, but because he covers himself up under his blankets at night and in the morning he smells like a bag of Fritos. No kidding. Kind of gross. But true.

A couple other random things: (because I know you love it when I get all rambly on you!)

Here is the homemade poptart recipe. I have my dough made and I don't think mine will turn out very pretty, yummy, but ugly. So I will save you the really bad food pictures.

I think if I was on the Celebrity Apprentice I would want to be on the boys team. I love Lou Ferrigno and they always just seem to get along better than the girls. Just sayin'.

I wish I wasn't addicted to the Bachelor. How do they suck me in every stinkin' time? I must say, I am really wanting to know who Ben picks. I am still not sure what the girls see in him, he seems nice enough but not all that dreamy. No offense Ben.

Moms should have a service to call in when they are sick. People to come to your house, cook and clean and take care of your kids while you sleep and get better. I'd be well already if I could just SLEEP! Argh.

Girl Scout cookies must be laced with crack. I cannot stop eating them.

My Big Tall Hubby gave me and Itunes gift card for my birthday and I used it in about 10 minutes, no credits left. **sniff** I really need to find ways to get more free music for my I-pod.

Happy Leap Day!!!


Kerri said...

Love those little toes! Free toe...pretty funny! On the other hand....your dog smelling like fritos....not as cute!!
Thanks for the poptart recipe....I'm going to look that up! Feel better Jenny! Wish I could come over and take that sweet baby of yours for the day!

Jill said...

Awww he is just too cute! Hoping you will feel lots better soon! If we were closer I'd bring dinners to you :-)

I'm happy we didn't have girl scout cookies this year to temptations! LOL

Wanted to let you know I created a "like" page on Facebook, especially with all the changes with google connect. If interested my link is:

Have a great night!