Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

And Food Week- Day 2

No, we are not trying to mock Australians, "appy Valentine's Day" mates! Tanner just didn't hold my heart sign to my specifications. Boys, they just don't get the whole "sit still for two seconds and don't make a goofy face so I can take your picture" thing. Oh well, you get the idea.

I am way indulging today and that is fine with me. I love Valentine's Day. Dare I say it is my favorite holiday? Not because I expect fine jewelry and roses and dinner at a romantic restaurant. I am way more simple than that, and you know me, Miss Practical... I think it is my favorite because you are expected to tell people you love them and give them chocolates. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Food Week Day 2

I don't let food go to waste around here. I use as much as I can. I am noticing how quickly food prices are going up because I tend to buy a lot of the same items so I know what is the regular price. I hear all the time on the news how meat and corn items are going to be more expensive and boy are they ever. Dang economy coupled with the whole global warming thing and add in Americans wanting cheap, easy to eat processed food and you get a big ole mess that drives our food prices up. Way up.

Anyway, rent Food Inc. or read one of Michael Pollan's books for more info.

Any-who-do-lee-do, I tend to find uses for things most people would toss. I always use these broken bits of pretzels, you know the kind at the end of the bag (or container*) that the kids won't eat but you will until they are all gone and you're licking the salt off your fingers? Well, drizzle them with melted chocolate chips (let them cool/set) and VOILA! You are the queen mother of after school snacks. Oh yeah, that's how I roll sistas! I have also done this over broken potato chips for my kids. Don't judge until you've tried it! ( you can also drizzle melted chocolate chips over orange segments if you want to feel like you are giving your kids healthier food) This would be a great last minute Valentine treat too if you *gasp* forgot and need a quick chocolate goodie.
On that note, G'day mates! Have a happy, lovely, wonderful Valentine's day!

*I keep my pretzels in a plastic cereal container with a lid. We always have pretzels here as a snack option. I don't feel too bad about letting the kids have them since we rarely have chips or other salty things. I think they are low on the junk food chain especially since I buy the low salt version. Just sharin'.


Jen said...

Such a cute pic of the kids! Arent all prices going up? I mean its just crazy. Pretzelsc are a good treat for sure. Appy valentines day to you!

Beloved's Bride said...

Sweet Picture! Happy Valentine Day!

Jill said...

Such an adorable picture!! Have a great night!


Kerri said...

Love the picture of the kids!
Love the pretzel chocolate idea!
Love the vintage valentine!
Appy Valentine's to you!