Friday, February 3, 2012

4AM heroes

We're one of those people... let me explain.

Last week, our toilet was leaking. Ewww, right? So I begged Big Tall Hubby to fix it. He tried, he really did. He was at Home Depot 5 times for different supplies and parts!!!! After the 5th trip, he just bought a new toilet. Did you know toilets are really expensive? Like, almost $300 expensive. I had no idea. Anyway. So we had to put our old toilet by the curb for the trash collectors to pick up last night. Ewwww, seriously. I can't believe we are one of those families. Who wants to see an old toilet sitting by the curb? And more importantly, who wants to pick up the old toilet (that they have never sat on) and put it in a truck and haul it away? That is why I salute my 4 AM heroes today, the garbage men who pick up our trash.

I know they are men because I have seen them, before you go all gender-biased ranting on me. I am up with a baby ya know. And I know they come at 4 AM because their loud truck wakes Tanner up every week, scaring the pants off him each time, so even if I am not awake with baby Asher I am awake with Tanner scaredy pants.

I would also like to give them a special shout out "holla" because I have been a purging maniac this week (6 more boxes for goodwill, three more for another special home, countless bags of trash, enough paper and boxes to almost fill our neighborhood recycling dumpster- hoarders have nothin' on us) and there was a whole big bunch for them to pick up at our house this week. I have left them cookies and water bottles before in the summer but I'm not sure what to leave them this time as a special thank you. Maybe a six pack? I mean, a toilet? Ewww. So sorry garbage men. You guys rock.

And no way was I going to put a picture of our old toilet here on the old blogorama, so here is a picture of Parker's art.

"It's not trash mom, don't throw it away!" He told me.

It's safe for now. But maybe not next time.

Have a great weekend!


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

cheers to you and your purging. i need to do the same. i never will, as i hate organizing. i keep saying that i will buckle down when the weather gets really bad and i home-bound in a blizzard. no snow this year, so no such luck!

Kerri said...

Parker knows his mom well! ;)

I am disappointed about the picture! I'm suprised you didn't have someone want to come see your house the day you had your toilet sitting out front!