Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I'm dull I think

Food week was so much fun. But alas, as I have learned there are far better mommy organizers than me, there are an even greater number of food bloggers who rock while I honestly, do not.
Exhibit A: burnt croutons. Bummer for my dinner salad huh? This is a lesson to you girlies, do not leave your broiler unattended, not even to change two poopie diapers, because your croutons will burn. Oh well.

I might do another food week again, a girl's got to eat right? And who doesn't love talking about their yummy meals. I promise to try to take better (i.e. more appealing) food pictures for next time.

Sunday was my birthday. Holla! I was glad to celebrate with my family. It was a pretty low key day, which I like, and once Big Tall Hubby and kids remembered it was my birthday, they were pretty nice to me. Thanks all! I kept thinking all day I wanted someone to take a picture of me with all the kids but I couldn't get them all wrangled in at the same time. Oh well, again.

One of my friends put this in my mailbox and I didn't even wait for the M&M's to warm up (it was quite chilly outside) before I tore them open and ate every last one. By myself. No sharing. I dare say, they were my favorite gift! ;) Thanks awesome friend who brought me treats! ;)
I usually interview my kids for their scrapbooks so I thought I'd do the same here. I don't really have any wise, sage advice to share this year, so I'll just talk about myself. Although, I think I am done celebrating birthdays for a while. Now I just feel old. Once you get past 26 or so, you are in the "old" category. I don't think I want to celebrate until I'm like 60 or so, then you are considered wise and quirky or spunky. Those things I like. Old, not so much.

My Favorites:
color: pink, actually all the colors but pink is my favorite
movie: Grease, Forrest Gump,anything with Molly Ringwald and You've Got Mail
food: nachos and chocolate, of course
drink: Dr. Pepper
store: Anthropologie, the antique mall or flea market
book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle
t.v. show: Mad Men (come on March 25!)
place to eat: Taco Bell, a local Mexican place if we are being "fancy"
song: Stay by Dave Matthews
toy: crayons and paper
clothes: jeans that fit really well and Converse sneakers

There you have it. Me in a nutshell. I'm pretty dull, I've decided.

My birthday wish is for people to be kind to each other and do the right thing.

My menus for this week:
a couple repeats from last week, we had a leftover buffet and Subway at the last minute so I have some stuff ready to go
  • 2 potato frittata and salad
  • corn chowder and salad and biscuits
  • sub sandwiches and oven fries
  • baked cheese tortellini and roasted veggies
  • oven chicken, baked potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts
  • spaghetti and salad and garlic bread
  • grilled cheese and tomato soup

my things to do this week:
  • take little boys to get their picture taken
  • pack/get ready for Zoe's dance competition
  • deliver most of my girl scout cookies
  • sort old ribbon stash (more on that later)
  • get some recipe books bound (if time permits)

Have a great week!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! I loved your interview with yourself. :) And, I would have eaten all the m&m's by myself without sharing too. Good for you! Have a great week.

Kerri said...

Happy belated birthday Jenny! Glad you had a nice day with your family. I liked your favorites list...t.b. (that's what I call it!) is my favorite too! I could eat there everday...so, it's a good thing we do not have one anywhere near us!
Have a great week!