Friday, February 17, 2012

Food Week Day 5- Friday pizza night

The only thing I like about winter: basketball.

That's Parker, #5. He tries so hard. He is really good but he doesn't get the ball much. His teammates aren't really into passing all that often. If one of them gets the ball, he/she keeps it until they are within range of the hoop. Parker definitely puts 100% into each game.
And I forgot to show you Parker's new glasses. Doesn't he look so cute? He wanted some to look like his Big Tall Daddy's. He needs them for close up work and the doctor thinks he'll grow out of them eventually. It breaks my heart to see him wear them. I have needed glasses since I was 6 also and it stinks. I think they really impaired my sports playing, I didn't want to play many activities that might have broke my glasses (I was always Miss Responsible!) or hit in the face by a wayward ball, that really hurts by the way. So for Parker, my true sports fan, I hope he does grow out of them.
Do you eat pizza on Friday nights? We do, a lot. Well, we eat it pretty often but Fridays always seem to be more festive I guess. We have reached the point where we need to get two pizzas to feed our crew. I can't imagine how many we'll need when my boys are bigger, say 6 or so years. I'll need like a dozen pizzas probably. Ey yi yi. My family has a certain favorite pizza place, and those two pizzas can add up to about $25! Yikers! That's a lot of money on pizza so I found that making my own pizza is much more cost effective.

Here are two pizzas I made a couple months ago (told you I have been stock piling food pictures!). One is cheese with pepperoni on half. Sometimes the kids like pepperoni, sometimes they don't. Weirdos. The other one is a grown up pizza. I say that because no way in he** would they eat a pizza with caramelized onions, sausage and goat cheese with olive oil as the sauce. They'd be gagging all over the place. Weirdos.

I use a half regular flour half whole wheat flour crust, the recipe is the one you can see on the Flieshman's pizza yeast packets. It is really good. It is a thin crust, I haven't tried a pan pizza yet, maybe I should. My favorite pizza is good old Pizza Hut pan pizza, are there any Pizza Huts left? Do you remember going there and getting a pitcher of Coke and breadsticks and waiting for-ev-er for your pizza? Which was just fine if your mom gave you quarters for the juke box. Jeez, I am old.

The grown up pizza in the picture is a Giada recipe. I should do a whole post on my tv BFF Giada. I think she is worthy of my time. I watch her a lot. A whole lot. And every one of her recipes that I have tried have been outstanding. Hmm, maybe I need to do week two of food?

On the off chance we don't order pizzas or I make my own, I think Kashi, Amy's, and Newman's Own are good frozen ones. I am leery of the other kinds because they have kind of a fake cheese taste to me, if that makes any sense? And since I have been leaning more towards veggie options in my food, I have been exploring all kinds of pizza recipes using roasted veggies and olive oil and different cheeses... maybe I'll find one worthy of sharing?

crust recipe (they have videos too!)

grown up pizza recipe from Giada (she has videos too!)

Have a great weekend. Eat some pizza and watch some basketball! (Anyone else excited that my Kentucky Wildcats are #1? Whoop whoop!)


rebecca said...

Friday should always be pizza night.

Kerri said...

We're getting ready to head out to Brady's basketball game here in a bit. I love basketball too! Parker looks so handsome in his glasses!
I bet Giada is a great bff...she seems so nice. But, how does she stay so think cooking all the time? I tried the Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza crust and it was soooo good! Can't wait to go back there and get more!
Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

I think he looks adorable in his glasses! Do they require him to wear the protective safety glasses over top his glasses or does he just take them off playing sports?
I love homemade pizzas!! Yes Friday nights are great for having them :-)