Monday, April 9, 2012


Just some cute baby pics today.

Nothing big to report.
sleepy head
laughing at Zoe
trying to grab the camera strap

I love this guy a whole lot. He is growing so fast. He is eight months old. He can almost sit by himself. He rolls everywhere he wants to go, no crawling yet. He laughs at his brothers and sister, so adorable! He has a cute dimple. He doesn't like pacis but he will suck on his two fingers all the time. He doesn't sleep through the night, eat baby food, or drink from a cup, but I love him to death anyway. He is super laid back, goes with the flow, and is just easy (except for that whole previous sentence!). His favorite toy is the remote, but I won't let him have it so he gets really mad, so I give him the phone instead and then he loves me again. I am so lucky to be his mommy.

I forgot to post my menus yesterday. Oops. I also forgot to take Zoe to the bus stop and she was really late for school, but that's another story! Obviously, I have some "getting back on track" to do....

my menus for this week:
  • spaghetti and salad
  • tortilla (veggie) soup and quesadillas
  • roasted veggie lasagna and bread
  • lemon quinoa, lemon pepper chicken, zucchini with yogurt sauce
  • homemade pizzas and salad
  • minestrone soup (I'm leaving out the meat), italian bread, italian salads