Monday, April 9, 2012

you'd better not pout

Look at this face! I have no idea what the lip pout is about... I think it is because he is teething but I like to think he is irritated by his siblings, that's more fun!

I am in Easter cleanup. I think I had three Cadbury chocolate eggs and a handful of jelly beans for breakfast. Now that's nutritious! I hope to have all the kids' Easter goodies put away and laundry finished tonight. Is that too lofty? I can dream can't I?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I can honestly say, I am glad ours is over (too long of a story to mention) and I am ready for "real" life, regular stuff, and being home.

my things to do this week:
  • put away Easter goodies
  • make a trip to Goodwill (drop off and frame shopping)
  • finish my massive desk clean up (yes, I just did this in January, and it got crazy again!)
  • catch up on blog reading/commenting, I miss you gals! :)


Jen said...

Oh ...I am heading to Goodwill today too...after a major closet cleanup!
Cute little bouty face....and I love your smile too!

Jill said...

That is a great picture! LOL Love his expression! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!!
Have a wonderful week!


Becca said...

Miss you too {and your comments!} Hope you had a wonderful Easter...