Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where the heck did Monday go?

It only looks messy! I swear I know what every paper (and clipboard- I am such a junkie) is for!!!

Sheesh, you'd think I was a loon the way I have been forgetting things lately. I had every intention of posting yesterday but I was just plain ole busy.

I am trying to get a bunch of spring stuff scheduled: sprinkler turn on, gutter cleaning, etc. I am also trying to find some good painters (for an outside project and our two story foyer) and a window repairman. I am also scheduling doctor's appointments (things like dermatologists, nothing life threatening!) and trying to get summer camps and/or activities planned. Being on the phone all day stinks. It is just annoying to me for some reason.

It is crazytime for my Big Tall Hubby- the end of the year is murder on principals, so many activities and events, I don't know when I will get to see him in the next six weeks! It is also the end of dance competition season and recital time so I guess, I'm just slightly out of my mind, insanely busy. But so is everyone right?
I had another one of those "aha, duh" moments. I am in the process of cleaning and purging my closet. I have been working on it since after Christmas. I just do a few minutes a day because honestly, that's all I've got! I gathered up all my winter house gear: big fleece robe (I live in it, over my clothes or jammies in the house, I freeze without it. Totally obnoxious but I hate being cold), fuzzy socks, flannel jammies etc. I went to Walmart (always an experience!) and got an under the bed box and voila! Everything is ready for next year. I don't know why I never did this before. I would always keep my robe folded in my closet all summer and then it would get knocked down or the socks would be mixing in with my other ones. Now I feel like a genius. I swear, "duh" should be my new signature word!
Gotta share this Tanner-ism. He was holding my hand yesterday while we took a little walk around the golf club house. He said, "mommy, your hands are crunchy." I am in desperate need of some good moisturizer, obviously. I sort of laughed and kept walking. Glad I have him to keep me on top of my beauty regiment.

my things to do this week:
  • take books to Half Priced books
  • touch up paint (I was a hole patching maniac over the weekend, now I have white spots everywhere that need painted!)
  • get my neighbor buddy a birthday gift, he is such a cutie and I know it will make his day!

my menus for the week:
I haven't done this yet, I have been using things from last week so I will post ideas tomorrow, I am planning now and grocery shopping tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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Kerri said...

I wish I had a big ol' island like yours to put stuff on! I hear ya on phone calls...I'm not a fan of that either. Yesterday I had a list of phone call/appts to make and I dreaded it. Great idea about storing robe and winter jammies in a storage container. I keep my winter robe on the back of the bathroom door and my winter jammies stay in my (too full) dresser all summer long. Hmmm? I think I need to go buy a big container!
Have a great day Jenny!