Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday check in

Have I shown you this guy? I can't remember. Is the mind the first thing to "go?" I used to have the best memory, definitely helped me in school but now, not so much. I blame it on my four kids. I think somehow during pregnancy, they sucked my brain cells out of my head and not the ones I would want to lose. They didn't take the bad memories of mean girls in middle school or that time I had to stand up in front of my calculus class and recite some crazy math formula and I just stood there because my boyfriend had broken up with me that morning at my locker. No they took the good cells, the ones that help me remember if my kids have school the day after Easter (they did but I didn't think they did so we were late to school), the ones that remind me to mail my Grandma's birthday card (I have been late almost every year even though I buy it a month early!), the ones that help me to remember to not sweat the small stuff. Like, did I already show you my cute Elvis potato head. It's not a big deal is it? You don't care. And besides he's super cool and he makes me smile. I talk to him sometimes, see, I've lost it! Something having kids did not take away!  :)

my things to do this week: *
  • take a load to the kids resale shop
  • schedule a doctor appointment for Big Tall Hubby and a pedi for me (my first one in YEARS!!!! I deserve a little pampering!)
  • wash and store hats, mittens, scarves for next year
  • straighten up coat closet for spring/summer
  • get Mother's Day cards (so I am not late!)
  • paint my laundry room
  • reorganize/purge kids' snacks
  • pick paint colors for painter who is coming soon (to paint two story foyer)
  • drop off big load to Goodwill
  • retype my master grocery list
  • unsubscribe to mass emails I no longer want
  • switch Tanner's closet and clothes for spring/summer
  • put together teacher appreciation gifts (that is this week in case you missed it)
*you will see some repeats from last week, I lost a day due to having showings, had to do some major fast cleaning

my menus for this week:
  • chicken lettuce wraps (tofu for me), rice
  • grilled cheese (kid request) and soup
  • tacos (kid request)
  • cheeseburgers and fries (kid request)
  • spaghetti, salad, bread (kid request)

The kids are loving "helping" me plan menus. I am kind of wishing they would mind their own business already, I have a pile of magazine tear outs I want to try before I put them away and forget where I put them!  ;)

Have a great week.


Becca said...

I noticed how you italicized (is that a word? If it is I prob spelled it wrong!) the word "master" on you grocery list... giggle giggle :)

I have no "good" brain cells left either! Oh well, at least you have four kids to care for you when you're really old and have lost even the bad ones!

Becca said...
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Kerri said...

At least you have more of an excuse with 4 kids than I do with just one. I find myself all the time doing "duh" things! Remember the time we waited and waited at the bus stop...only to realize there wasn't school!
I hope we get to see before and after pics of your foyer!