Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

We are really busy this week, who isn't right? Anyway, it is teacher/staff appreciation week at the kids' school and the (insane, crazy, annoying) PTC (new version of a PTO) sent home letters detailing every day this week, things the kids should bring in to show their "appreciation." Each day it is something small, like draw a picture of your teacher or write a letter telling them why you like them... but it is every (stinkin') day! Now I do appreciate our teachers and staff, I really do, I was a teacher and my hubby is a principal.   Educators are definitely overworked and underpaid so a little appreciation is always well received.   My problem is that if the kids see other kids bringing in goodies (even drawings and notes) then they will feel bad if they don't bring something in. Some kids do not have money to send in gifts and others do not have parents who are willing or able to help them with these daily treats. AND our kids are out of school in about three weeks so I am already thinking of our end of the year thank you gifts which I think are more important because I write notes to each person. 

We went the easy way and made Hershey kiss bags for everyone. I don't know if they'll like them (I kind of don't care either, sorry, but I don't.) I made these labels, stuck them to the tags and done. 
 We had some left over kisses and hugs so we made some bags for our neighbors in honor of May Day. I know you are supposed to give a basket of flowers anonymously but this was yummier and funner. We delivered them to them today and it was nice to spread some unexpected joy. Way more fulfilling than following a list of "suggestions" to give to people.
I didn't realize how bitter I was about this whole teacher appreciation thing. Anyway. We also got packets of wild flower seeds and put labels on those too (I am "wild" about you.) because one of the suggestions was for the kids to bring in flowers for their teachers. I like the seeds better, easier for me and the kids to take on the bus.

I'm off to help my kids do some drawings and letters. If you do send in goodies for your child's school, don't forget all the helpers... cafeteria ladies, bus drivers, aides, etc. They deserve extra appreciation too!


Kerri said...

I've never heard of giving flowers on May Day! Interesting! Our school doesn't really have a teacher appreciation week...it kind of stinks that it's so close to the end of the school year. I think your treats are cute...and flowers and dirt on the bus is never a good idea...especially if the person holding it is a boy! :)

Jill said...

Our schools don't do an individual day or week for appreciation but we do year end gifts because we want to. However throughout the year they are always looking for money or donations for something or other. gets to be a bit much at times. I think the kisses were a great idea :-)

Have a good night!


Beloved's Bride said...

The kiss bag is sweet.

Since I homeschool I don't have to do this but I watch my sister every year scrambling for ideas for their end of the year appreciation day! She always does a good job with all her ideas. (Of course, she always uses my Mom’s embroidery business to supply her of ideas!) However, it is very expensive -teacher aid, teacher, and any extra- speech pathologist, etc - and with more than one child -- oh wow, she is busy!!!

It looks like you did a great job being thoughtful and yet keeping the expense down.