Thursday, May 24, 2012

Derp! (Labeling pictures)

Sometimes I just need to smack myself like those old V8 commercials. Do you remember those? 

I don't know why I never did this before. Every time I get pictures of the kids (not snapshots, photographer pictures) I label them. I have had this fear that someday when I am an old granny, I won't remember how old they were or what year it was so I would spend a long time writing by hand the date of the picture and the kids' ages. I would use one of my scrapbooking pens and write on each one. Needless to say, it took a while and I am always late in sending pictures to my family because of it.

Derp! Labeling. Why am I such a doofus? Why in the heck didn't I use some technology to make it easier on myself?  Probably because I am not a technology nut, it kind of scares me and I avoid it most times. I'm definitely a pen and paper kind of gal.

So here is a recent set of photos.... (just a side note, the school takes these pictures and then sends them home and you can send them back if you don't want them or pay for them. I always pay for them because I hate thinking my kids' pictures are going to end up in the trash. That is so sad. And I wonder how many dishonest people just never send in the money and keep the pictures.)
I made labels on the computer and then, here comes the brilliant part... I had the KIDS put them on. Yes, I am a genius. I know. No, please hold your applause. It was like someone said, "derp!" and smacked me on the head, V8 style.  I even sent these out to my family within a week. How organized is that?
One of my dearest friends always did this when she sent me pictures of her cuties and I used to think, I should do that too! It only took me 9 years to remember. Definitely an LOL moment. I miss those pictures, now that everyone is on Facebook I don't get real current pictures of my friends' kiddos. My fridge is looking kind of lonely. Hint hint.

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Jill said...

Great idea! I always write them on to, yet I have a growing pile of "to file" pictures, lol.