Monday, May 21, 2012

my new boyfriends

Meet Hans and Franz, they are ready to pump me up! 
(shout out to all you 80's and 90's Saturday Night Live fans!) 
These are my new washer and dryer boyfriends. I kind of love them. They are huge. So big the kids said, "mom you will need a stool to get the stuff out." (Now that my kids are getting taller, the 'mom is short' jokes never stop. I am preparing myself for a lifetime of these since I have no doubts my kids are going to pass me up in the next couple years.)

Anyway, these guys have been busy and I just pat them and caress them as I walk by on my way out to the garage. They are so handsome and shiny. They talk to me a lot too. Well, they make a lot of beeps and bloops, but we're conversing none the less. It was love at first installation.

my things to do this week:

  • put patches on Zoe's girl scout sash (before I lose them)
  • clean my downstairs pantry
  • schedule some picture taking (didn't get to this one last week)
  • get teacher's gifts together for Wednesday
  • clean/purge my short sleeve shirts
  • reframe some pictures (swap out old, put in new)
  • schedule a couple doctor's visits for the kids
  • laundry- I have a long series of dates with my new boyfriends since last week was painting, beadboarding, and installation 

my menus for this week: 
super easy, simple, because the kids are out of school in two days and I am crazed!

  • veggie/chicken quesadillas and corn on the cobb
  • subs with homemade rolls and chips
  • homemade pizzas and salad
  • soups and salad and yogurt parfaits
  • grilled chicken, fruit salad, steamed veggies, baked beans
  • cheese/veggie burgers and fries
  • Olive Garden- using a gift card  :)
Have a great week everyone. 


Kerri said...

They are sooo handsome....I would carress them too! :)

Jill said...

Lucky you!! They will make laundry fun! Right?! LOL Enjoy!