Monday, May 14, 2012

another holiday hangover

I am kind of hungover from mother's day, except I didn't drink a drop of alcohol. Do you ever get that way? I feel like I did, my body is exhausted, I look all droopy, and I have no energy. I'm calling it a hangover, if the symptoms fit, right?

It was a nice day except for a lunch fiasco*, and the kids were so sweet to me. My own momma came for dinner so that was lovely too. I'm able to say I am very blessed. Hungover, but blessed.

Look at my cutie.

It's the playing in the plastic containers (I call them Tupperware, except I don't own one piece of the stuff) rite of passage. He "runs" as fast as he can in his walker over to this cabinet. Squeals as soon as I open it and gets right down to work. He is a pro-emptier/scatterer. Able to do the job in about five minutes flat. I trip over lunch containers all day. I have even done the old "slip on a banana peel (except it was a lid)" trick, the kids love that. BUT I am not complaining, nope, just sayin'.

my things to do this week:

  • wait for "those men" again, fridge needs fixed, and getting new washer and dryer, holla!
  • schedule some picture taking appointments
  • pick out some more paint colors
  • locate some lost receipts for returns
  • deep clean my microwave, it is all the sudden like totally grody in there!
  • switch Zoe's closet to spring (I didn't get to this last week)
  • take a load to consignment
  • schedule some summer doctor's appointments
  • clean out my sweater drawers

my menus for this week:
boring, nothing too exciting, I am going to try a new cookie recipe  :)

  • spaghetti (why do I put this every week? my kids have withdrawl if I don't make it once a week) and salad and homemade bread
  • oven baked fish or chicken and zucchini parmesan bits
  • pizzas and salad (for a night when we will be at a birthday party)
  • chicken &/or black bean quesadillas
  • chicken and bowtie pasta with broccoli
  • ribs, roasted potatoes, baked beans, corn on the cobb, salad, french bread(this was our Mother's Day dinner, it was heavy on the veggies b/c I don't eat meat anymore but the rest of my family does, including my momma)
*lunch fiasco= I wanted a veggie sub from Penn Station (I only eat there about once a year or so, I love their french fries!) and so I took the kids there in the rain to get takeout while Big Tall Hubby finished up my laundry room beadboard project. Once I got home, soaked, and dragging my crying starving kids, and settled down to eat, I found not one but TWO icky hairs in my sub. I hadn't even taken a bite. I didn't take any bites. I was rather depressed about it in fact. I refused to eat any of the food. How could I, completelly incredibly gross. So I ate some leftover grilled tofu. Not exactly what I was craving but way better than hairy veggies. Big Tall Hubby went back and got our money back thankfully, but I was still wanting that sub. sniff sniff

Hope everyone has a great week!

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