Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#1 rule

 trying to keep the sun off him  :)
The number one rule at our house is..... never wake the sleeping baby (or child). Tanner has been crashing lately on our way home from errands, it is fine with me. The kid needs a nap. Heck, don't we all need a nap? I chalk it up to my Greek heritage where everyone shuts down in the afternoon and takes a nap and then starts back up again, eating dinner around 8:00 and parties late into the evening, throwing plates and all, Opa! It's genetics I tell you.

Other rules at our house:

  • no running
  • no jumping on the couch or bed
  • don't touch mommy's scrapbooking stuff/ or her desk & supplies
  • dont eat mommy's M&M's
  • you can't say "stupid" or "fart" or "hate" or "I'm going to kill you" *
  • push in your chair after you eat
  • put the toilet lid and seat DOWN
  • knock before you enter the bathroom (if the door is shut)
  • if you burp (or toot) say "excuse me"
  • don't hit your brother 
  • no tv during the week for kids**
  • put your scooters away so mommy doesn't trip and kill herself in the garage
  • kids clean the hamster cage
  • use a napkin
  • flush, every time
  • smile, be happy, tell mommy you love her 20 times a day

*unless you are mommy and the dog had an accident on the floor again
**unless you are daddy and mommy is gone from the house running an errand and you don't think she will notice

That's it. Well, maybe not all of them, but it's all I can think of.

What's your number one house rule?

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