Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a little flash

 A little while ago, like 6 months ago, I got this flash of brilliance in between the shampooing and conditioning times in the shower. Hey, don't you get your best ideas in the shower too? I think I do because it is my (usually) only uninterrupted time of the day. 

Anyway, I have this little collection of Pampered Chef "Season's Best" cookbooks. They are really tiny (thin) and I love them. I have used them a lot over the years. The first one I got in 1999. I was barely living in my first apartment, I'm not sure how much cooking I was doing then, but I just knew I'd have a home someday and need some cookbooks. Plus these used to be just a couple bucks at those home parties so I never felt guilty buying them. They are great for party ideas, really easy, fast recipes for fancy schmancy appetizers and desserts. If you find any at a used book store, I would suggest grabbing them up.

So the annoying thing about them was that they were so little and thin (about the size of a Reader's Digest) and I was always losing them. They'd get kind of trampled by my bigger, heartier cookbooks. My favorite Martha book is kind of a bully that way. So flash-o-la!

I took them to Office Depot and had them bound. (The girl suggested binding at the top since the print is really close to the edges and it might have gotten cut off.) I have done this with a couple other items and it never surprises me how much I like the finished product. Now my little cookbooks are all together and ready to use. It's a good thing. If I can so blatantly steal from Martha!  ;)

While I was looking for the "before" picture (I took the pictures and then forgot to post!), I found this one. Hee hee! It's Tanner's cell phone in my bread machine pan. Don't you love these little "gifts?" I find Hot Wheels in my shoes all the time too.   ;)

Have a great day, I hope you get a couple good flashes today (and not the hot kind!)

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Kerri said...

Well aren't you clever!! I always forget about Office Depot and how they can do cool things like that for such a small price.