Thursday, May 3, 2012

detail oriented

Back in March, when my whole family was sick with every ailment under the sun, I got the bright idea to iron all my saved/hoarded ribbon. I save ribbon from everything. Gift bags, hang tags, other gifts, you name it. I used to just throw it in a big basket and then it kind of started creeping out, like slime oozing out of a crack. 

Anyway, after nights of taking care of everyone I was pretty tired, so  I thought of a way  to keep from sleeping standing up so I thought, "hmm, do something you have always wanted to do but never do it." Since trying out for 'So You Think You Can Dance' was out of the question, I think I am past my prime for that one,  ironing my ribbon stash seemed like the next best thing. 

I remember hearing my idol Martha say she always irons her ribbons before using them on gifts and crafts and I thought, "there she goes again, being all Martha-y." I have found myself ironing that little ribbon scrap before adhering it to a card or tying a tag on a gift bottle of wine. It is kind of annoying when you are trying to just get the craft done and there you go having to drag the iron out.. It does look so much better! No wrinkles and creases. Just pretty. 

It took a loooooooong time. And not because I just felt like it since I had a house full of sickies, it took for-ev-er. I would work for about 15 minutes at a time. I didn't count the hours but it was a while. I have a crap-load of ribbon. Let's just say, I don't need to buy any for a decade at least. Don't call 'Hoarders' on me, I promise I am going to quit. 
 After the iron-a-thon and everyone was feeling better. I needed a place to put them. The basket was not working anymore. Too many ribbons, not enough basket space. So I went to Walmart (eww I know, but I do love it there every once in a while). I found this awesome glass jar. It was less than $10! Woo hoo! I used an old gift card, even better! Felt like I got it for free. AND the jar is Made in America! Holla!
It is really big. My Big Tall Hubby tried to steal it to make a terrarium. I told him to try and pry it from my ribbon hoarding hands bub! I like how I can see them all and they aren't even wrinkly, so easy to grab and tie on stuff. I am putting ribbons on everything that isn't running away from me. Just don't call me a ribbon hoarder, I'm just "detail oriented."  Call me if you need a piece of grosgrain, OK? I can spare a yard or two.


Karen said...

I am slightly speechless right now Jenny. Ironing ribbon? Has never even occurred to me. But then again, you are the Organized Mommy. And, your favorite thing is your labeler.....Hey! Wait a minute. That's not on your sidebar anymore! Have you replaced that with ironing ribbons?

Jill said...

Wow you must have been tired! LOL I must admit I have never ironed ribbon, but you are right, it sure looks pretty! :-)
Do you scrapbook as well? The ribbon would be so beautiful on the pages!
Have a great weekend! Try to get some rest ;-)


Jenny said...

Karen, I am chalking it up to my lack of sleep. Total exhaustion makes you do insane things!

Jill, I do scrapbook and I use ribbon a lot. I make cards and tags for gifts too. I love ribbon as an easy accent.