Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little Big Boss, Principal Zoe

I just have to brag, my girl is going to be Principal of the Day tomorrow! Hoo-wee! She was last year too and I didn't think she'd choose to redeem her reading points for it this year but she did. She is super excited because her little brother has field day tomorrow and she will be a "helper". She said she loves to be the "boss." How sweet, kind of.

Don't you just love her flamingo animal report? It is as tall as Tanner! The report is in a mini book under the wing. It has a googly eye with pink eye shadow and eye lashes, once a diva, always a diva.

She is also getting another award next week but I'm not allowed to tell her. So shh! I'm really proud of her. Sometimes you just have to brag.


Kerri said...

How exciting to get to be principal of the day...just like her daddy! LOVE the flamingo animal cute and clever! You brag all you want mama....we love hearing about kids doing good things! Good job Zoe!

Jen said...

Oh yeah...full bragging rights on our blogs. Absolutely! I love that report. What a creative idea! And congrats on the awards! yay!