Thursday, April 26, 2012

I'm a wuss

I bought this awesome scrapbooking paper rack years ago at a stamping lady's garage sale. Maybe six or so. (Ignore my concrete basement) I had big dreams to put it in my craft dream room when we finished the basement. I still look at it and sigh as I walk by it every day. I have big dreams and ideas. All those famous scrapbooking ladies would be jealous of my dream room. With us trying to move, it just doesn't make sense for me to keep it. When we move I'll be lucky to have a corner in our new house that will be big enough to keep a milk crate of scrapbooking supplies.

#1 Because the houses in the neighborhood we will be moving to are really expensive, old and do not have good storage or basements big enough to finish.
#2 We will be lucky to get a house big enough for all of us since we will be losing ALL OUR MONEY/EQUITY on this stinkin' house.
#3 I have four kids, they have a ton of crap that takes up all our extra room.
#4 I have four kids, who has time to scrapbook?!

Anyway, I took this picture because I thought, "hey, I can sell this on Craigslist!" Let me tell you, I look at CL all the time, I love love love to look at the antiques and furniture and Longaberger baskets, I have never bought a single thing. I am scared to death. Even before that whole CL killer thing. I am such a planner too, I worry that I won't be able to work out all the logistics. Like where do I meet the buyer/seller, do I take a weapon (well, there was a killer!), do I need to do a background check, just kidding. I can't help but wonder how it all works out. I have a lot of stuff I could unload this way if I could just get over it already.

Have you ever sold/bought anything on CL? Is it weird? Is it creepy meeting a stranger in the Target parking lot to give them your stuff and hope they give you some money and not a big lump on your head from a hammer instead? I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to bite the bullet. I'm such a wuss.


Karen said...

I've bought several things off Craigslist. They were large furniture pieces so I pretty much had to go to the person's house. Once my hubby went for me. Once I went with my sister-in-law. A couple times I've gone by myself.

I guess I've been lucky. The people have always been very nice, very normal. Just folks trying to sell their things.

I recently started listing some things on Craigslist to sell. But, haven't actually sold anything yet. :( I only had one interested person come to my house so far. I only gave him my address & phone number once we had a time arranged that he wanted to come and look at the items.

I did let him into my house, but many other people I know recommend sitting things out front, on the porch, or in a garage...and not actually letting the person inside. If you think about it, that way it's not all that different than a yard sale.

I probably should be a little more careful than I have been. I'm pretty far that hasn't let me down. But, you just never know.

Another recommendation would be to have someone come when your husband or other adult person can be there with you.

As far as meeting in parking lots. That actually freaks me out more. What if they force me into a vehicle and kidnap me? Ok - maybe a bit extreme. At the very least, meeting in a parking lot with a stranger & money exchanging hands feels....unsavory.

Kristin said...

We have both bought and sold on craigslist, with very good luck.

Chris usually takes buster with him--and encourages him to bark. :)

Jen said...

I have bought on Craigslist, but never sold. The one lady I bought some furniture from was more scared of me than I was of her i think. She had her husband come home from work at lunch. I thought she was okay because I had looked her up on Facebook. Maybe she did the same for me????
You can get some great deals though!

Becca said...

Weird! I thought I posted a comment yesterday and now it's gone!

Maybe I didn't follow completely through...

This is what I said:

You are not alone with your Craigslist anxiety! I have bought and sold, but I never picked anything up without someone with me! And every time I met someone to sell to I had anxiety attacks over whether I would get murdered or not! It is scary!

I've decided to be through with it though! I only ever get people asking lots of questions and wanting measurements and then I never hear from them again or I'd make arrangements to meet and they'd never show! I've not had good luck with it from the selling I'm done with it!