Friday, April 20, 2012

look at my baby enjoying the sunset...

Happy Earth Day (early)!

I don't think we'll get to plant a tree this year, sniff sniff, we always do. Big Tall Hubby has a paper due and a test for his classes (so I am going to be busy keeping my kids out of his hair so he can work!) and it is prom/after prom at his school. He has a loooooong weekend ahead of him, I guess I do as well by proxy.

I have been planting some annuals today. Does that count? I also took a big ginourmous box to our recycling center yesterday. Everyday is Earth Day at my house I guess. ;)

My newest obsession is "The Kind Diet" book by Alicia Silverstone, yes from the classic, "Clueless" movie*. Her blog is mucho excellento (I took French, not Spanish, so I am not fluent in Spanish, but I felt like saying that.). It has a ton of good ideas for Earth Day. I am wishing I could go see that Disney "Chimpanzee" movie but I won't be able to this weekend, obviously. I never realized how much I love Earth Day! So much to celebrate I guess.

Turn off your computer, save some electricity. Save the planet people!

*If you were wondering, my favorite scene is when Dion is practicing driving and they accidentally get on the freeway. OMG, I snort-laugh every. single. time. You probably weren't wondering but in case you were.

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Kerri said...

What a great picture of Asher!
I have to admit...I don't even know when Earth day is?? But, I'm off to check out the kind diet!