Wednesday, April 18, 2012

thanks Zoe!

Look at what Zoe made for the little boys' room... (all on her own, I was so proud!)

for when Asher is awake...
for when he is sleeping....

She made the picture (front and back) and then she was kind of stuck on how to fix it on the door. So the two of us thought up this method: a plastic sheet protector and one of those removable 3M hooks, we just turn the picture over as needed, like a store that changes the open and closed sign.

So far it is helping, a little. (So is a tension gate that I put across the door. The sign is at least alerting them somewhat.) The boys have a really annoying habit of "needing" a toy in Tanner (and Asher's) room while he is sleeping so they just go in and grab it, not quietly I might add! Tanner is funny, he stands outside the door and points to the words and "reads" "Do not enter", the best part is, he yells, "mommy! 'Does it say do not enter?' "

We're working on the yelling part.


Jill said...

Great job Zoe!! The pictures are wonderful and such a great idea!! :-)
Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Kerri said...

Good thinking Zoe!!