Sunday, July 20, 2008

back to school ads

Today I was reading the newspaper, mostly the ads, and I found myself staring lovingly at the back to school supplies. I can remember as a child getting that new Trapper Keeper and new pencils (I loved those ones where you took the little lead out and put it in the top to get a new sharp one!) and new crayons and feeling like I had won the lottery. In high school, I couldn't wait to start school and get my supply lists from my teachers, it was off to Target for a spree. As a college student, I tried all kinds of ways to keep myself organized so back to school shopping was a fun challenge for me. I used binders, folders, tab dividers, note cards, you name it, I had it! And as a teacher, I literally took stock when the bins at Wal-mart filled up with $.10 folders. I taught in a poor area and many of the kids did not have money to buy their own supplies. Now as a mother of a kindergartner (argh, how can it be?) I find myself scanning the ads for the best deals. I know she won't need a three ring binder or highlighters, probably just some pencils and a folder but I can't help myself. I love to start fresh with new supplies, brand new Crayola markers, Bic pens in every color, crisp loose leaf paper just begging to be doodled on... ahhh! Now if I only had a reason to buy some of these things! Surely something in my house needs to be hole punched and color coded and filed neatly in a binder, I'm off to find something that will warrent a trip to Target's back to school aisle...

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