Monday, July 28, 2008

Goin' green

our rain barrel, please ignore the weeds in front of itsolar powered spot lights
We've been trying to do a few things to save money around here, just like everyone else in the world, and as a bonus, they are eco-friendly too! Aren't we so green-chic? We got this cool barrel to catch rain water from our downspouts, it is awesome. The thing fills up after one decent rain and we use the water to water our flowers and bushes. We haven't used our hose one time this summer! Thankfully, we have been getting steady rains every so often. We got the barrel from my friend Penny, who got it from I have no idea where. She is my go-to girl, she can find anything, and it's usually at a garage sale or off the curb. She rocks! And I got Paul these cool solar powered spot lights for our trees in the front yard. They look really good at night all lit up. They were super easy to install and not much more than the regular electric ones. I've been using the reusable bags for a while now at the grocery. I must say I miss all those little plastic bags I would get each week, they have so many uses, especially for our tiny trash cans. But I am trying to keep my eyes on the bigger picture here... And, today I ordered another recycling bin to be delivered. The garbage men keep taking my boxes of recycling with the regular trash and I was getting a teeny bit irritated, I mean, I was going to all that work to separate everything and they were just dumping it. Urgh! Oh well, just doin' my part to save the earth.

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