Thursday, July 3, 2008


It isn't often that we get all of us in one picture so I thought I'd share. This is from our trip to the zoo on Monday. Boy it was an interesting trip... tons of rain and cold weather (only about 72 degrees!), my hair was a total fuzzball (not good considering we ran into Paul's ex-girlfriend that he dated before me! Why do we have to see people like that when we aren't looking totally hot and skinny?)! We had fun and saw all the animals. We were walking for about 5 hours strait up and down the massive hills at the Cincinnati Zoo. I guess the cold weather kept them active and wanting to get out and have fun. I don't know if anyone agrees with me but I think the zoo animals always look so sad. I just want to pet them all and talk baby talk to them, like I do to my own pets. I swear they do not want to be there all enclosed in a small area and not free. While I love seeing them all in person, there is a part of me that thinks it just isn't right.

our favorite animals 2008:
Zoe: baby peacocks following their mommies
Parker: the ducks in the pond
Paul: giraffes (fresh in their new "giraffe ridge" area where you stand on a platform to observe them up close!)
Me: the apes: gorillas, orangutans, bonobos, gibbons, I love them all!

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