Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parker's Valentines

Parker picked Hot Wheels Valentines to give to his friends at his "school." (He and I go to a Mom and Me class.) I just have to say to the Valentine companies, give the kids some stinkin' envelopes. Who wants a card with no envelope? That is the fun of them when you are a little kid, tearing each one open to see the card inside. Just infuriates me...trying to save a buck... anyway... I bought little envelopes for his cards and he stamped them and put them together.I had these little baggies from another project so we put some kisses in them...We stapled the kisses to the cards and VOILA!I think they are pretty cute. Of course these are pretty simple since the kids are all 2-3 years old. I definitely could see the potential to embellish like crazy. We used a bigger cellophane bag and more kisses to make a gift for his teacher.Her Valentine was made from pink and red scraps found on my desk. Just doin' are part to spread a little love!

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