Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My Thursday ritual...

Every week, while I watch "The Office," armed with a Diet Dr. Pepper (last week it was a Diet cherry Coke!), and my grocery list, I set about on a journey. I methodically cut out coupons from the newspaper (I actually cut three sets- we get two papers and my mom gives me her set) and those found on the Internet, sort them, and put them in my handy dandy organizer (I've seen way too many "Blues Clues!"). Then, I dig through the Sunday ad circulars and find sales that will match my family's needs and then if I am really lucky I have coupons to match. I recently used my first rain check and got hand soaps for $0.22! Wow! I wish I was like those coupon ladies who get there groceries for mere pennies or even free, that takes a lot of time and planning and trips to multiple stores, right now I just can't do that, maybe someday. Right now I save an average of 20% or so. Last year, I saved about $700 for the whole year. That's a pretty nice savings, about a month's worth of groceries. I've been reading some books and websites/blogs about couponing lately and I am hoping to increase my savings. Couldn't we all use some extra savings right about now?