Tuesday, May 25, 2010

and yet, another repurposed jar gift

Ok, so I kind of promised I wouldn't post another jar gift but like I said, promise is so serious. wink, wink ;)

I made these for Zoe's dance teachers so she would have a gift to give them on the last class day. We actually had a really cute photo mug made for them too but we gave that to the them from "the whole team" everyone signed the card and it was just something I thought we should do, just 'cos.
Both are jelly jars, one is from a homemade jelly and I thought it was so cute.
Note: Zoe's dance teachers are 20 and 15 so I thought a good supply of hair bands would be appreciated. And they were. :)
I just basically split them up between the two jars.
Here comes the cute... paper, ribbon, and homemade tags...
Done. (I just realized that these were pink and green too- much like my other jar gift. Oops, probably should clean up my desk more often so I have a better variety of scraps to use!) Sorry about the yellow tone of the photo, I had to finish these up after the monkeys went to bed and the lighting was terrible.

My posts have been kind of sporadic lately. I think it could be for any of these reasons...
  • i have had a terrible cold
  • Tanner has been sick
  • it is finally warm enough to be outside a lot
  • the rain has stopped and again, we are outside
  • my laundry is spontaneously reproducing
  • we are still trying to sell our house (grrr....) and I have to clean it all the freakin' time
  • getting ready for the end of school/summer takes a lot of work
  • my hubby has been gone a ridiculous amount (end of the school year- lots for a HS principal to do!)
  • and really the main reason I don't have time to blog, read other's blogs, or catch up on Facebook is because little toddler boys are like puppies...

they need regular walks everyday, we have been walking up and down our street all day long, a million times a day, you'd think I'd be a skinny stick because of it! Gotta go, this boy needs to get his walk on, again...

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Kerri said...

What a cute gift...hair ties in a jar...super cute!