Monday, May 10, 2010

homemade gift container

empty pop case (by the way, this is THE BEST orange pop, EVER!!!)
transformed into a gift container using scrapbook paper and supplies (it has six spots for holding things, Starbucks frappachino containers have four- in case you were wondering)
I hate wasting things so whenever I get the chance, I try to reuse things. I have made these before and shared them here before but I really like how this one turned out so I thought I'd share, again. I made this one for my Weight Watcher trainer. I gave it to her Saturday after my last training session. She seriously deserved so much more, I was always calling her at the last minute to reschedule or something else and I think I asked so many questions during my training, I know I was driving her crazy every time.

It has small trinkets inside like gum, lip balm, Weight Watchers candy, notepads, pens, a small magazine (Everyday Food), Chrystal Light drink mixers, and a Starbucks gift card. I also included a matching thank you note using the leftover paper, wouldn't Martha be so proud? The note is probably the best part, very appreciative and says what I can never say in person.

I don't think that these gifts are so much about the gift but more about showing someone you were thinking about them. I have given them to Zoe's teachers, neighbors, and a couple friends, each one looks sort of the same and the actual gifts aren't that great, just trinkets. I love to see someone get so excited to get a little basket of goodies, I think I like giving them more than they like receiving them.

Maybe you could use these for end of the year teacher gifts? (I have given them to teachers at the beginning of the year with school supplies in them- very cute!)

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Kerri said...

Super cute! Did you mod podge or use spray adhesive?