Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Get-Organized Challenge

The April Get-Organized Challenge- Day 2 Kitchen Cabinet Clean-up

Here is my reorganization of my collection of "Tupperware." I always call it that, even though I have two real, actual Tupperware pieces. Basically, it is all my plastic containers with lids.

This cabinet also housed Zoe's Easy Bake Oven (and cupcake maker, and princess baker, and supplies) that she got for Christmas in 2008. Yes. 2008. They have been in there since then because Tanner was born two days after Christmas in 2008. So a year (+ some more months) later, I am finally getting around to finding a home for them. Here is the big tote holding her supplies. (I know I have posted this before, just a reminder...) She is very happy to go get the tub and dig around getting what she needs to bake me a treat. She just needs a gentle reminder to put the tub back in the basement. I am much happier now that these are not housed in the main area of our home.
OK, so you know I select pictures to post on my blog and they show up all helter skelter, sorry. I really don't know how to rearrange them, yet. Drives me crazy, oh well.

Here is the bottom of the cabinet, AFTER! Woo! Look at all that room! This is my lesser used stuff. Big containers for cupcakes, brownies, lasagna, etc. are down here. AND yes, I am slowly turning into my grandma. I save my cottage cheese (and other) containers to send home leftovers with my family members. (I can't really keep all those cupcakes, brownies, and lasagna in my fridge, I am a Weight Watcher you know!) They are waaaaay in the back.
Here is the top of the cabinet AFTER. These are the pieces I use a lot, like every day. Tiny containers for lunch boxes, small leftovers, etc. All the lids are housed in a random box-y thing, not sure where it came from, but it does the trick. I really like using what I've got to organize, I really don't like spending more money on baskets (unless they are Longaberger of course) or containers, I have quite a nice supply I can re-purpose.

**Don't you love how Max is waiting by the high chair for a crumb to drop? He is the most patient dog on the planet, he will sit for hours waiting for a bite from the baby. And he is in about 90% of my pictures, usually his pug butt.**

Can I just mention that my cabinets ROCK! I will miss them someday when/if we move. The middle shelf pulls out and makes it so nice to get to things. sigh
Here are the pieces as I was sorting/purging... I only kept them if they had a lid. The rest made their way to the recycling bin. If nothing else, it was good to match everything up, this stuff multiplies on its own! Spontaneous reproduction.

Yes, I know my shelf liner doesn't fit the whole shelf. I brought these here when we moved from our old house because it was this really expensive stuff you can clean and reuse (the kind that you buy when you have two incomes and you don't care how much it costs) and I didn't want to throw it away. It works pretty well, just don't look too close.
And in this photo, you can see that I was cooking dinner, pots and pans and stuff everywhere, ignore that, I am always multitasking, a million things going on at once.

The BEFORE. Yuck, so annoying, not functioning, down right embarrassing!
More updates tomorrow. :)

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Kerri said...

My always tease my mother-in-law about saving EVERY container...but I have to admit it is always nice when she wants to send leftovers home with us!
Looks like you have been very busy!