Thursday, May 20, 2010

repurposed jar

Here's another repurposed jar gift:
A view from a different side... I simply adore these puffy sticker letters, I think they are made by American Crafts, mmm they are so cu-ute!

This one Zoe gave to her school office staff. I was really at a loss as to what to send in... homemade cookies? (I was a teacher, I know no one eats those unless they know you personally, I mean who knows what goes into some of those cupcakes and stuff), bagels & cream cheese? (nope, that would mean I have to go to Panera and take it myself, I can't leave Panera without s Sierra Turkey sandwich and I found out how many WW points those are, I might never go to the bread heaven shop again), flowers? (too expensive), so I settled on M&Ms, my personal favorite. Honestly, I felt like I could have done a bit more but this was last minute and I have learned my lesson. I hearby declare: I will not wait until the last minute from now on to send in treats for the office staff during teacher appreciation week.

(Just a note, I wasn't going to send in anything because I felt like we recognized her teachers but Zoe was crying saying, "everyone is taking treats to the office, I have to." Now I know that is not true, seriously, the girl thinks I was born yesterday and she must not believe me that I was ever a teacher!!! So I really sent this in so she could parade her little self down to the office and be all special and stuff. Ugh, drama!)

So for the jar: I cleaned out a nice sized peanut butter jar, the organic peanut butter still comes in jars, as opposed to those other kinds that use plastic, taped some cute scrapbook paper on, added some stickers and ribbon and done. I also put a circle of paper on the top just to be cute, I forgot to take a pic sorry. And a big huge bag of M&Ms fit in here, I didn't even sample any, and let me just tell you that was so freakin' hard not to do! You know my M&M love affair is long and tumultuous, kind of like my affair with Dr. Pepper, daytime soaps have nothin' on me and my sweet treats.

I used this similar idea for Zoe's dance teachers. I'll share those later, than I promise not to share anymore jar gift ideas. Well, promise is kind of a harsh word, I mean, what if I make a super cute one and I just know you want to see it?! Maybe I'll just show you the really awesome, make you jealous ones, ok? ;) Not that you'd be jealous of me... I steal everyone else's ideas anyway.

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Bringing Pretty Back said...

Jenny, Thanks so much for visiting today! LOVED your comment! ha! Bra's !!! That a whole new post isn't it! mercy!
No, nursing bras do NOT count!
(my sister in law sells bra's home party style and the bestest bra's ever!)
The part about teachers not eating the treats unlss you know them made me laugh! 5 of my cousins are teachers and we have had talk about this! hilarious!
( I am like that with deviled eggs...the person has to almost be my best friend for me to eat one)
SCREAM! HA!HA! The part about your daughter parading herself all special. made me laugh right out lous! That's so true! Thats why the children want to do that - strut their stuff all proud! Great post!
Have a pretty day!