Wednesday, May 12, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

some of my recent antique mall finds...

What do my recent antique store finds have to do with watchin' my weight? Well, plenty. I found out through my Weight Watchers journey that I am an emotional, unconscious eater. When the goings get tough, I get the bad stuff and eat it, not really realizing I am doing it. I am, and always have been, a pretty healthy eater for my meals. It's those darn snacks and those emotional eating binges that sabotage my waistline, my hips, my butt, well, you get the idea.

After we had our low-ball house selling offers, I was really bummed out. Who wouldn't want to live in our house, my gosh people, it is gorgeous! (If I do say so myself.) It's on a golf course, minutes from a really nice shopping center, the interstate that will take you to even more nice shopping centers, we are in an "excellent" rated school district. What's not to love? Well, people just want something for nothing nowadays (I totally sound like my grandma) and they have no problem offering you a ridiculously low bid on your house, hoping you'll be desperate enough to take it. Well, after all the highs and lows of the bidding nonsense. I felt myself slipping into the uncontrollable eating frenzy and an emotional tornado.

I remembered in Weight Watcher meetings, my leaders says to find things to keep you busy besides eating that make you happy. Scrapbooking is tops on my list, exercising is next, shopping for antiques is right up there too. So with my two boys in tow, I headed to the antique mall (formerly the Brass Armadillo- thought of you Sarah!). I figured I might get a few minutes of browse time before they were melting down. We were there a whole hour. Parker loved it. He was checking out all the old toys and tools and asking me lots of good questions. Tanner mostly snacked on goldfish crackers.

I was so blissfully happy afterwards, something I hadn't felt in at least a year. Seriously. I wanted to bottle it up and take a sip everytime some other goof ball came to look at our house and just pissed me off. AND I didn't snack or eat unnecessary foods. Bonus! Happy distractions do work in the battle of the bulge. How often do you think I'll be able to drag these guys out for some retail therapy? I hope more now that I know they can do it.

And Sarah, I am blatantly stealing your idea of using the flower frog for my collection of antique postcards that I have bought and do not have the heart to cut and use over again as I originally had planned. Thanks girlie!

***just for Sarah- the iron thingy is a... wait for it... twine holder! Eeeeeee!!!! I totally thought of you, my twine sister. You put the ball of twine in and there is a hole in the top for the string to come out. I plan on using it just for that. It sits proudly on my desk right now. I agree, it would make a perfect book end.***


Kerri said...

Good for you for getting out and doing something that excites you! I tend to get lonely/bored in the afternoons and often head straight to the's a terrible habit. Looks like you found some neat stuff...LOVE the bucket!!!

Sarah said...

I love all your finds! Flower frogs are where it's at :) I only have three but would love 300. What is that iron piece? I like the shape. It would make a great book end. What do you have planned for it?

I'm glad you feel happy today. Having your house on the market can steal some joy-I understand for sure! And your right, your house is beautiful-the person it is meant for just hasn't walked in yet. When we were cleaning&showing&going crazy Asher told my mother-in-law that we just needed a few more people to see it before it sold. He was right and I was endless inpatient. Our house has sold and I still feel a little hateful about the whole darn thing. Every time the soon to be new owners drive by(which is twice a day every day) I want to run out into the street and scream "STEP OFF PSYCHOS!"

Hang in there girl. Give those two boys big hugs from me for letting their mom power shop the antique store :)

Becca said...

I too have stolen the flower frog idea! Let's face it...she's the best to steal ideas off of. I love to antique shop too...only my kids aren't so accommodating!

Sarah said...

You better lock that thing up if I'm ever lucky enough to be at your house again!:)