Thursday, May 6, 2010

April Get-Organized Challenge- final post

I promise, this is my FINAL post about my April Get-Organized Challenge!

Here is what prompted me to post this challenge a month ago...

My cutie pie baby playing in my spice cabinet, well actually he was destroying it, and it was driving me crazy. Do you think that it will stay this neat? Probably not, he still loves to go and explore all the spices and containers. My spices before:
Here are my spices after: they are categorized, but it is not really evident in the photo
Eeeeee! I just love adding labels to things! Zoe helped me stick these on, it did take a long time. I figure it will be easy to keep up with since I will only be putting a new label on as I get a new spice or replace one. I like being able to read the top of the jar because I always stand here and cook so just being able to look down is soooooo..... easy!
My measuring stuff is in here too. I bake a lot (and cook almost every meal) in addition to measuring ingredients for recipes I measure portions (for me) always being a good Weight Watcher :) Having these so close to my prep/cooking area is very important to me. My oils and sprays are right here too. I keep a basic supply of baking needs on the bottom shelf. Weird stuff I only use every once in while is in the big pantry, so I don't have to move it around and have it weighing down the spinning thingymabob.
And lastly, my silverware drawer. Nothing too exciting. I just took out the old baby spoons (the ones you use when your baby first eats cereal) and cleaned and sorted really well. I did have some random things in here that I purged, ahh, so glad it is done.
When I posted this challenge a month ago to myself (and anyone else interested) I had no idea we'd be trying to sell our house ourselves. It has been a crazy month. So many things going on, more than I want to talk about here, plus it is just making me extremely grumpy, I apologize for getting these photos posted so late. Not very "organized mommy" of me! I hope I can get my thoughts together coherently (wouldn't that be a change!?) regarding the housing market, sucky realtors, mean people who say mean things about your home, the state of the U.S. in general regarding the housing market, and more. I'd love to share with all of my blog buddies the goings on, but honestly it is so frustrating and horrible, I just can't do it now.

I promise to not share a kitchen picture tomorrow :)

I hope everyone has a great day.

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Kerri said...

I can't believe you have time to organzie cupboards...along w/ everything that comes with trying to sell your house! Way to go you!
PS. I'm from Mansfield, Ohio....ever hear of it?! All of my family still lives there...thank goodness I was able to escape! :)