Monday, May 3, 2010

April Get-Organized Challenge

OK, so it is May, and I am a little late in posting about my own get-organized challenge... sorry. Seriously, this selling our house business is throwing a huge wrench in my life and I don't like it one bit, at all! I will have to post about this later...

my junk drawer before:
my new and improved "junk drawer" I can actually close it now without cursing, not that I do that or anything?!
Oh it felt so good to clean this thing out. It was so gross, full of hair doodles, jack bouncy balls, Christmas ornament hooks, and well, junk. It will stay like this for a couple months probably.

I will post more pictures all this week of my other newly cleaned areas. I can only post about 5 photos at once, I am sure there are ways to do more, I am just severely technologically challenged.

See you tomorrow!

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Kerri said...

Gee...I think your drawer before looked pretty good! At least you have a handy dandy organizer thing in there! My "junk" drawer in the kitchen has stuff just floating around! I need one of those things...then I could organize my junk!