Wednesday, May 19, 2010

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Like the rest of America, this movie

is changing my life.

I am not new to these ideas, in fact I have known a great deal about the nastiness of the food industry for a while, just seeing this movie is reminding me that my body is a temple that needs constant care. I checked the movie out from the library, twice. I made my husband watch it. I read the book too and read parts of it out loud to him as I was reading.

If you haven't seen the movie the book is just as good (the info is different in both- they are companion pieces). I think we all should watch this with our families and start a food revolution, a la Jaime Oliver (love what he did in Huntington, just sayin').

things we are doing since watching this movie/reading the book that I didn't do before:
reading all food labels
avoiding fast food if at all possible
making my own bread (periodically)
buying locally if possible (shopping at Whole Foods makes this most possible)
eating organic dairy and meat
eating organic produce if it is available
eating more organic foods (such as pasta, cereal, etc.)
explaining where food comes from to my kids (we watched Jaime Oliver show how chicken nuggets were made, we might never eat these again)
making more homemade stuff in general (salad dressing, cookies, etc.)
preaching to all who will listen about the evils of bad food (just kidding)

I truly believe these changes will benefit my family. I don't anticipate we'll change overnight but slow and steady will definitely win this race for us at least. I sincerely hope others are affected by these pieces as much as I have been, they are truly shocking and groundbreaking.


Becca said...

Amen sista! Have the movie but havn't watched it yet. LOVE what Jamie Oliver is doing! Join the revolution baby! I'm glad to know that someone feels as strongly aboout it as I do cuz I gotta say, when I talk about it I feel like people are thinkin I'm nuts! Hope you're all feeling better...hope the flu stays away forever!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog! and your hilarious comment! YES! Let's flaunt our pretty selves! hee! love it! I NEED to watch this movie. I have heard about it but have not watched it yet. What a great list of things you are doing now with your food choices. I am sure when I watch the move I will be doing those things too. funny -you made your hubby watch it.i am too!

Kerri said...

My husband and I have been wanting to see this movie...we just can't find it anywhere! We've had 3 videos stores close near us and it hasn't been on demand! We soooooo need to watch this!