Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day (Monday)

Hi everyone. I hope this Valentine's Day brings you lots of hugs and kisses and chocolates (or jewels- whichever you prefer!).

Here are a couple goodies we made for Parker to take to school.

This one is for his teachers. We just wrapped a candy bar with patterned paper and taped it to his cool Star Wars valentines (man, do I wish my mom had kept my old Star Wars figures!).
We made these for his buddies. I put M&M's in these teeny baggies (found at Michaels in the beading section) and then we stapled a tent over the zipper part. He then put stickers on the paper. He gave these with his cards he wrote his name on, we wanted to do a little extra for his friends at school.I didn't get a picture but for Zoe I made fruit salad cups for her class. I bought cute little red cups and put the fruit salad in there. Then I put a plain baggie (not the zipper kind) over the top and secured it with a rubber band. Sounds kind of boring but it really looked festive. Her teacher suggested something not too sugary and I was happy to oblige. Zoe was so excited she loves fruit and couldn't wait to share them with the class.

my things to do this week:
  • sort some pictures and mail copies to my family (long overdue!)
  • write thank you cards for my early birthday gifts
  • again, try to get my desk cleaned off so I can reorganize the drawers

my menus for this week:
(a bit of repeats from last week, big tall hubby has been working late a lot so me and the kids have been eating really simply)
  • beef and mushroom stroganoff
  • spaghetti (Parker request)
  • egg and mushroom/spinach quiche
  • pasta with shrimp and veggies
  • homemade pizzas
Enjoy your Valentines's Day!

Just another note... did anyone catch the last Jersey Shore?! Was I the only one crying when Sammi-sweetheart left? With all her drama, you'd think I'd be glad to see her go but for some reason, I was so sad. Just wondering if I am the only nut who is addicted to this show!


Kerri said...

Love your little m&m cute! I'm actually addicted to those little bags...I have them in all sizes. They sure come in handy for little gift giving!

Hope you guys are having a "lovely" day!

majesticlown said...

I was totally crying when Sammi left. I thought that I was the only one who was crying. Glad to hear that it isn't just me.

Jen said...

Love the m&m baggies...and congrats on the Dyson. I need that kind of boyfriend around here so badly!!!! Enjoy!