Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet my new boyfriend (no name yet)

Lookie what I got!
I have wanted one for-ev-er! But you know me, I hate to buy anything until the old one konks out (remember my post about my new IPod?). My big tall hubby and my mom worked behind the scenes to get this for me. (They work about 10 minutes from each other and apparently they did some covert mission yesterday.) Big tall hubby came home late from work and believe it or not I was crying, it had been a hard day and I was cleaning for yet another showing and just plain tired. Wednesday, I drug my two sick boys to two different stores looking for vacuum bags for my Hoover and both stores were out! I was lamenting to my mom about it and that's when she must have sprung into action (my birthday is not for a week!). Anyway, big tall hubby comes in and puts the gigantic box on the counter and that makes me cry even more. He was like, "huh? Haven't you wanted one of these for like years? Don't you remind me every time you see that guy on the commercial? Don't you check the Target ad every week for the price to drop?" Of course I do but I guess I was in disbelief. I'll probably be the same way when I get my Corvette. I've only wanted one of those since I was 5 years old and my Barbie drove her yellow one around my bedroom all day. I was so excited I didn't want to touch it. So this morning I have been a vacuuming fool, as you can imagine. I haven't even taken the tags off! I wish I would have taken a picture before it was all full of crud but I was too excited. Gross as it is to see all that junk, I just vacuumed my whole house Wednesday for the showing that night! Ick! Anyway, I am feeling totally spoiled and like a geek over my new toy. I know you fellow Dyson lovers out there will agree with me, some of you I have talked about getting one of these for years! I am in love.


Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i have the same one. true love.... and it's a been a few years!

Jill said...

Congratulations!! Yes, I totally understand I have a Dyson too and I love it!!! Enjoy!

Hope all is going well with the showuings and you get good news soon!

Sending big hugs your way...

Have a great weekend.


Kerri said...

Yay for you! I don't have a Dyson...I would love to hear why it is so great...totally serious over here!
How about Dylan? Or Tyson Dyson?

Becca said...

I just got a Dyson this year too and I am also in love! My husband doesn't mind because he has a new girlfriend...her name is Droid-ette. Does it not amaze you the stuff it sucks out of your carpet? You will never dread vacuuming again!

Sarah said...

I've been having a long time love affair with my Dyson! You are going to be head over heels too.