Monday, February 28, 2011

a lot of Bearcats

This weekend we were enjoying being Bearcat fans.

Zoe got to perform with the Cincinnati Bearcats dance team at half time. This girl is so amazing. At eight years old, she just plasters on a smile and goes for it. Look at the crowd... I forget how many the arena holds, but I know it was a lot. (She is the blonde in the black hat kneeling down- they were waiting to run on for their part of the song.)
Here she is too with her new BFF, Savannah, one of the UC dance team girls. The pics are a little blurry because they were doing a fast-paced country themed dance. Almost all of my pics turned out this way, boo hoo. I even had my camera set for fast motion.
The Bearcat mascot made a very brief stop on his way back onto the court.
Here is Zoe and Savannah again. Jeez, can I just bring Savannah home with me to be Zoe's permanent mentor? Zoe loved her. They clicked right away. I was so pleased with how the dance team members treated our daughters. They were so kind and patient. I love it that Zoe has a new positive role model.
Just practicing, I got a few good pictures here because I could stand a little closer. Zoe decided she wants to go to UC, and she is going to be on the dance team, I think that means she had a good time! She is already talking about getting to dance again next year, love her enthusiasm.
And now for my other Bearcat...

Parker's basketball team at the Y calls themselves the Bearcats. (he is #15- big tall hubby's old number, what a coincidence!) I love basketball so going to his games are so much fun.
I must admit, he is a master ball handler... I know he is only five, but he really is good.
Look at him (on the far right) he's probably telling them some really gross story just to make them laugh, his other talent.
He got four baskets in this game.
Don't you just love watching your kids excel? Is there anything better? I must take a moment to say how thankful I am for Parker's basketball coach. He is super kind and laid back. The coach for the other team literally screamed the entire game/practice. She was so annoying. She walked around with a giant coffee cup and just kind of barked at her team. I told big tall hubby that if we had her I would have quit. Whew! The lord works in mysterious ways sometimes.

After this busy weekend, I have lots to do.

My things to do this week: (I hope I get them all done.)
  • sort and deliver Girl Scout cookies
  • get tax stuff ready to drop off
  • clean Zoe's room (it is baaaaaaad!)
  • order pictures from Walgreens
  • clean up my baskets and organizers in the basement (this is from last week- never got to it, might have to purchase an inexpensive shelf set, :( they keep falling over)
  • cut/sort coupons, I am two weeks behind, yikes!
  • finish signing the kids up for spring activities, having trouble getting schedule organized
  • clean all my bathrooms, they are soooooooo icky
  • make St. Patrick's Day decorations (just a couple)
my menus for this week:
So I have no meals planned this week. I was so busy (i.e. not home) all weekend, I never had time to think about it. I have a full freezer and lots of pastas and rices so along with our produce, I should be able to be creative all week. I really hope to not eat out at all. We'll see...

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Kerri said...

Zoe looks so CUTE! What an exciting event for her to get to be a part of. It's so awesome to see our kids be excited about something. I love going to basketball games...although I have a hard time being quiet. Brady is pretty I am always yelling for him to find his man, put his hands up, etc. I'm sure it's annoying!
I can tell your son is a good ball handler!