Friday, February 25, 2011

Somethings make me laugh and cry at the same time


Zoe made me this for my birthday. (I took the picture upside down as I was wearing it, sorry if it looks kooky) I loved it. Is she so sweet? I mean, you can tell she wanted me to have a "mom" necklace, but instead it says "wom." I think she must have run out of "m" beads. Oh I was giggling and getting teary all at the same time.

Same thing last night, she was invited to dance with the University of Cincinnati dance team at Sunday's game. I was so happy watching her practice with them last night. She was picking up the routine like it was nothin'. I couldn't help smiling when she was trying to shake her booty like the big girls, the poor thing has no booty but we won't tell her that (something she did not inherit from me- my booty needs its own zip code!). But then I got all teary thinking it won't be long until I will be sitting in those stands (or the wonderful University of Kentucky- my personal wish) watching her shake her big girl booty. Jeez, what a sap I am.


Kerri said...

What a sweet gift! I love that that it's spelled wom! So cute! Where's the pictures of Zoe dancing??!!

Becca said...

A sweet gift for a wonderful Wom! :) Very cute!