Wednesday, February 23, 2011

watchin' my weight Wednesday

Here is my workout song of the week to share...
I think most of you know I adore Sting (and the Police) so I have lots of his songs on my playlist. This one is from the Police days. Yes, I love, love, love the original, I only picked this one to share because I just dig watching him sing. In the original Police video, you don't get good Sting vision. So induldge me. :)

I think this song is one of my favorite hill running songs. It starts out slow and builds and builds to this giant crescendo (love my old orchestra word there?!) at the end. I have it timed perfectly, when I run outside in my neighborhood, I start this one at a particular house. By the time I reach my house (at the top of the hill) I am at the big finish. Yipee, perfection. I swear I don't even mind the hill part and it is all because of this guy. Love you Sting! SWAK!

Now onto my watchin' my weight topic:
I was thinking about Parker, he's five and the kid has a perfect six pack. It is so crazy. I look at him in amazement. I mean it's not like he is laying on the floor doing crunches or anything. He is pretty much active all the time. He is jumping on the furniture (not that I want him to), throwing balls, kicking balls, playing basketball, hitting golf balls as far as he can, playing tennis in the driveway, riding his skateboard and scooter, climbing trees, running at full speed just to see if he can... do you get the idea? The kid never stops!
So how does this relate to a mom who has endless amounts of things to do and a limited amount of time to do them. Well, I think it translates to variety. I think doing a variety of activities help me (and anyone else, I presume) to be in better shape. I try to work out in a different way every day.

My typical schedule is this:
Monday: treadmill work at home (usually long runs or hill climbs)
Tuesday: spinning class
Wednesday: treadmill and weights at home
Thursday: elliptical and/or rowing machine with weight training at the Y (here I use machines I don't have at home- the smith machine, ab stand, etc.)
Friday: treadmill work at home (or DVD's if I found a good one at the library)
Saturday: bootcamp class
Sunday: family fun (hiking, swimming, etc.) or DVD's or outside running/walking (depending on the weather)
The day I usually take "off" is Sunday. Not that I really take it off but I try to find something for us to do at home that my kids think is "fun" but I consider my light workout. Like jumping on the trampoline, the kids love it and they love it more if I do it with them. (Incidentally, I wore my heart rate monitor once just to see how I reacted to the tramp, holy cow, it was like I was running full force, no kidding. Plus my calves and abs are usually burning after 20 minutes on that thing!)

So for me variety is the spice of life. Keeping it interesting is one of the ways I keep from getting bored. I definitely have times when I slack off a little but I do try to remain consistent. Now if you'll excuse me, some exercise bands are calling my name.


Jill said...

I got tired just reading your workout schedule, lol!

Have a great day!


Kerri said...

Oh how can I get motivated like you?! I like to change things up a bit too...because I get so bored. But sometimes I come up with all kinds of excuses to skip working out. Ugh!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jen(from previous post)! I love your word for the year, and I liked reading the blog you linked-good things to keep in mind.

You are one serious exercise chick. I wish I had your drive. I certainly need to step it up a notch. Thank you for the inspiration.

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i love sting too :)

i hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

hann said...

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