Monday, July 11, 2011


Me and Big Tall Hubby on the beach where we got married (Captiva, FL)
I know, I know I just posted this picture last week or so but I don't have a digital one from our actual day, trust me, it was beautiful. I was skinny, tan and well, as lovely as any bride should be on her day, oh and my big tall hubby wore sandals! I wanted to go barefoot but let's be realistic, the guy is a foot and a half taller than me!

Today is our tenth wedding anniversary! Holy cow. Time flies I tell ya. Big tall hubby and I have often joked that the years have gone by so quickly they must have been good ones or else it would have been dragging! We keep looking at the kids, my about-to-bust belly, our house, our pets, my minivan, everything, and say, "life comes at you fast!" Seriously though, I love that guy. He has his quirks (I've got mine too) but I can't imagine life without him. He is the best husband and father. He is also a rockin' principal. ;)

Some things I have learned about being a couple over the last ten+ years:
  • all things will seem so much better in the morning, after you sleep
  • don't dwell on your partner's faults, you can't change them so you'd might as well accept them
  • you won't necessarily want to spend every waking hour with your man, sometimes time apart is good
  • embrace your differences, let each one of you shine in your own way
  • opposites DO attract
  • silence is sometimes best
  • all you have is each other, friends come and go (and someday your kids will go too!)
  • husbands like to come home to dinner, clean houses (tidy, not necessarily spotless), and pie
  • dads will never hear the baby crying or the other kids throwing up in the middle of the night, suck it up and just deal with it (or maybe they hear it and pretend they don't) just take care of your kids and worry about being fair and equal later
  • doing something nice for your hubby makes you feel good, even if he doesn't return the favor
  • if the guy you are with still loves you after seeing you at your worst (like during childbirth, in the morning with no makeup, covered in 3AM kid throw-up) he's a keeper
  • telling your hubby "thank you" for doing even the most menial chores will make him feel good ("thank you for taking out the trash, that is so nice of you!") and he'll feel so manly and probably treat you like a princess at least for a few minutes
There you go, some marital wisdom from me. Not that I am an expert or anything. But after ten years, I do think I know a thing or two about my relationship. Ten years was like a blip on the radar, hopefully we'll have many, many more years to celebrate.


Kerri said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! I always thought it would be cool to be married on the beach...although I do have bad hair everytime we're there! Probably best we weren't married on the beach!!

I enjoyed reading your list...definitely some good ones on there!

Hope you're doing well my's been awfully hot these past weeks...hope you're hanging in there!

Jen said...

Happy anniversary. I love your words of wisdom! You are sooo right! Congrats!

Kristin said...

Happy anniversary!

Jill said...

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! Sorry I'm a bit late :-)