Friday, July 8, 2011

pickles and ice cream, and a note on my pregnancy

I am sad to say I have not had any weird pregnancy cravings this time. Nothing out of the ordinary. I mean I have been wanting to drink more milk and eat a lot of cheese but that's not cravings worthy. What's the fun of being pregnant if you can't indulge in some weirdo food you wouldn't normally eat?

Funny thing is this guy is a pickle-holic. He would eat them every day at every meal. On our last day of vacation, he wanted pickles and ice cream for breakfast. Guess what? Big Tall Hubby gave him just that. I came down from getting a shower and he was sitting there with a bowl of ice cream and about four pickles. Everyone (but me) thought it was so funny. Gross. (I didn't get a picture because my camera was packed away somewhere.)

Come to think of it most of my preggers cravings have been on the normal side, not too weird.
with Zoe: Arby's Roast beef sandwiches
with Parker: cream cheese by the spoonful
with Tanner: vegetable soup (especially from Frisch's)
See, I'm even boring when I am pregnant.

For the record, I am so freakin' hot! Being pregnant in the summer is so much different than winter/fall births. Holy cow. I am sweating all the time and I cannot cool off. Not to mention swollen feet and legs, these are a first for me- my doctor said it is because of the heat and humidity. I told Big Tall Hubby I would be happy to go to our neighborhood Speedway anytime he needs beer just so I can stand in the freezing beer cave for a few minutes. I literally sleep with no blankets and I am sweating every night, I know exactly when the air conditioner is programmed to kick on (4AM in case you are wondering) and cool off the upstairs. I have taken to sleeping in our leather recliner just because it feels cool. Do you think the people at Speedway would let me bring in a cot and sleep in the cave? Now, THAT'S an idea!

What were your pregnancy cravings?


Kerri said...

Lima beans and tootsie rolls.

Sarah said...

Well, you've got me remembering those good old days. With Asher it was pineapple, Sloan was romaine lettuce, I'm having trouble remebering with Holden-I just recall eating a lot of BLT sandwiches. Funny how different they all are.

I do recall eating a lot of ice cream with Sloan just because I could :) That was fun! Enjoy the last couple of week/days of being preggers(if that's possible). Hugs

Kristin said...

with Zach it was watermelon and cheetos with chocolate (I cringe when I remember that one)

With Aiden it was Oreos even though they gave me horrible heartburn.

Good luck these last few weeks.

Karen said...

I have to say that cream cheese by the spoonful does cross over a bit into the strange side. I like cream cheese but I can't imagine eating it by itself.
My pregnancy cravings...
Wyatt - McDonald's chocolate milkshakes
Edison - subs & salty popcorn
Charlie - any kind of candy and lots of it
Joseph - nothing stood out...I remember really wanting some Indian food, but my husband doesn't like Indian food and never took me to the only Indian restaurant that was fairly close, so not sure if that counts.

Becca said...

Let's see... with Colin it was apples...lots and lots of apples. With Ty it was oranges...lots and lots of oranges. Eden never gave me any huge cravings. I ate a ton of dark chocolate with all of them...